A Topological Approach of a Human Heart via Nano Pre-ideality

Abd El Fattah A. El Atik


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graphs, rough set, ideal, nano I -open, nano pre-I -open set, nano I -continuous, nano pre-I - continuous, human heart


A technique to construct new neighborhoods for vertices of graphs will be defined. In this paper, the blood circulation of a human body can be classified by nano pre-\emph{I}-open sets which is properly placed between nano openness and nano preopenness regardless the nano topological ideal. Also, we show that the class of nano pre-\emph{I}-open sets is properly placed between the classes of nano \emph{I} -open and nano preopen sets. We give a decomposition of nano \emph{I}-continuity by proving that a function $f:(X,\tau,\emph{I}) \longrightarrow (Y,\sigma)$ is nano \emph{I}-continuous if and only if it is nano pre-\emph{I}-continuous and nano *-\emph{I}-continuous. Finally, we extend the graph of a blood circulation for a human body with respect to ideals.




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Team, S. (2022). A Topological Approach of a Human Heart via Nano Pre-ideality: Abd El Fattah A. El Atik. Thai Journal of Mathematics, 20(3), 1273–1285. Retrieved from https://thaijmath2.in.cmu.ac.th/index.php/thaijmath/article/view/1397